Gaia is Sailing On in Space and We Rejoice

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today I want to tell you that the “old currency” has been replaced with a “new currency” in several countries in the world. The world is en route to be changed dear friends and it is your doing — you the light warriors that have so battled for a better world for everybody. We are so proud of this progress and the foresight you have shown in this sensitive situation that you have found yourselves in. “The Highest” is holding a blessing over your heads and you will be richly rewarded and highly honored for your great courage and your love for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

You shall know that you are all on your way in the Golden Age of Love and prosperity for all. This is a moment of time in history where you might halt yourself and store it in your memory. It is one the greatest moments in the history of the Earth. All you who have received the honor to be part of writing this history please stand up and feel the glorious wings of history sweeping around you. It is in truth a fantastic time that you live in and our love and our blessings pour over you now my dear children on Earth. All your visions concerning the best for mankind are on their way to be realized and you can, if you want to, feel how the ground is shifting under your feet. You can feel the joy in nature around you. Everywhere love is present and can be felt, wherever you go. If you have an open heart you can feel this everywhere. Many open hearts are strengthening this feeling now and it spreads as the wings of a bird.

Yes, these are wonderful times and there are many “Giants” that walk among you now. Many are those that wish to help you build up Earth in a way that you desire for the best of humanity, animals and nature. It is time to start working dear folks on Earth. Work with what you have envisioned that can help Earth and its inhabitants to a better life. Do not be afraid. There are no obstacles now. People are starting to wake up and understand what it is all about. They want a better life for their dear ones and their fellow man and woman. They are tired of war and negativity and want to have peace and harmony in their lives and in the world today.

Many are working with their fears and negativity so it smolders a little here and there in the world today, but it will pass and they will get the help they need. There are many lightworkers who stand ready to give them a hand — an understanding of what it is that they are going through, as they have themselves gone through the same thing both in this life and earlier lives. Everything is perfect. The moment is here, when a sigh of relief will be heard across the Earth. It is a longed for sigh from many who inhabit and are on Earth today.

Gaia is sailing on in space and we rejoice with her and praise here great love and courage. She is clearly a jewel, our dear Gaia. Our love for her is indescribable.

You are awaited dear children on Earth, you are cheered and honored far beyond this solar system, so stand tall and understand that your wonderful journey home is only a moment away. We stand here with arms open and are so grateful to soon be able to meet you. The joy that exists up here is enormous and there are many who crowd around to be able to witness this moment in Earth’s history.

It is enormous my dear friends, much larger than you can imagine. You are so blessed and longed for. Many stand ready to receive you. You have many with you now dear children on Earth, many helping hands that are just waiting for a sign from you that they are allowed to help. It is a great honor to be allowed to help you now, so do not hesitate to ask for help whenever you need it.

We are here for you and we love you so much.

With so much love,


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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