Mayan Messages ~ Lightworkers Unite

By Theresa Crabtree


Caban3 Lightworkers Unite

I am Caban 3. Welcome to this time of gathering. Today we wish to share with you information regarding the networking of Lightworkers. It is time to share your abilities and to use the skills you have learned, whether they be in the field of health, education or recreation. There is much need on the Earth at this time for a sense of camaraderie and community.

The internet is a wonderful tool to meet new people. It is also a fabulous tool to gather for ceremony and as a means to organize global endeavors. Never before has there been such an abundance of mass media, allowing people worldwide to connect instantaneously.

Those of you who are authors and songwriters, the path has been cleared for you to get your messages out faster and inexpensively. Use these tools. Never before has there been so much channeled information available from those of us on the Other Side. We are here to assist you to move as gracefully as possible through this time of Transition.

Never before in your history have so many changes been taking place in such a wide variety of arenas. As your government, corporations, banking, health care institutions and educational systems go through massive upheaval, there will be much chaos rippling down to every person on Earth.

It is time to gather together and visualize the world you wish to create. Working together, take the necessary steps to create this dream into reality. No longer can you sit idly by waiting for everyone else to do the work. Roll up your sleeves and delve into the work at hand. Together you can make it a reality. As long as you continue to allow others to make choices and changes for you, the enslavement will continue. Most leaders in power do not have your best intentions in mind. They are more concerned with their ability to gain material wealth and control.

Each of you has unique talents. Decide for yourself what role you wish to play during the transition. No role is too small; however, there is the risk of taking on too much. Decide for yourself which skills you have that you enjoy, then find ways to use them to build the dream. Be creative and think out of the box. How can you gain the food, clothing and shelter you need by using your skills?

Leave plenty of time for rest and recreation. You only bring more negative energy into the world if you push yourself too far and become exhausted. Do what brings you joy and energizes you. Treat each other with respect. Focus on your commonalities, opening your minds to new ways of thinking.

Take time each day to take care of your needs and then spend as much time as you choose taking care of the needs of others. Get a clear focus of how you want to live your life and then take the steps to create it. Decline offers that lead you from your Path. Stay focused each moment.

We wish you these things and hope you choose to move forward with anticipation and great joy as you create your future.

Selamet! Caban 3


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