Mayan Messages ~ One Affects All

By Theresa Crabtree


Etznab2 One Affects All

Greetings! Welcome to this day. We are delighted to meet with you again and to work together on our combined ascension process. We say combined for when one progresses, we all progress because the increased vibration affects all as it ripples forth through the uni-verse.

Today we would like to talk on the subject of progress. The term itself means to move forward. Although in some ways this is an accurate description, in many ways it is misleading. We often talk about walking your Path. For those living in linear worlds, this generally means taking one step at a time, either forward, backward or sideways. However, from the spiritual sense, there is much more going on.

Your progress ripples simultaneously in all directions, for energy is not linear. Oftentimes, these energies are seen as spirals. When you make a change in your life, whether it is changing a behavior, the way you dress or a fundamental belief code, your energetic patterns change.

We have often stated that negative thoughts glop together, eventually creating a dark mass that is impenetrable, while positive thoughts flow freely through matter, always on the move. They are different energetic patterns mainly because the signatures are different. Each thought has its own vibration, much like a radio channel. The more loving, kind and sharing a thought is, the faster it vibrates.

This means that loving thoughts vibrate faster than lower density thoughtforms. Faster vibrations can actually move through objects, similar to a fast moving car being able to pass through a wall, while a slower moving vehicle is more likely to bump the wall, yet not go through. This is a poor example, for the movements are much more graceful in reality, but we are trying to give you a mental picture that you can grasp.

As you increase your vibrational level, you become more able to flow through your daily activities. You will be less likely to get stuck in gloppy energy. For example, you are at a park and a mugger is nearby, seeking someone to rob. Those filled with love and vibrating at a higher frequency are likely to not be seen by the mugger. This follows the universal law, like attracts like. Those who do not have a victim mentality are not likely to attract the attention of those who have a perpetrator mentality. The mugger looks around and sees a potential target. If this person is partially conscious and has a foundation of love and trust, he may still get mugged, but will react more from a space of, “I guess that fellow needed my money.” There will be less judgment and little, if any fear involved.

If the person the mugger chooses comes from a victim mentality, it is likely the victim expects to have problems. Perhaps she left home with just a few dollars and a can of pepper spray in case she ran into a mugger. Although she doesn’t want this to happen, she is prepared. Like attracts like, and so her thoughts now bring the possibility into reality. She feels blessed that the mugger only got a few dollars and proudly tells her friends how wise she is. Or, she may use the can of pepper spray and walk away with those few dollars and the satisfaction of being empowered.

Those with serious victim tapes playing are most likely not to even risk the dangers of going to a park. In extreme cases, they may become so fearful they won’t leave their house except to take care of basic needs. These people are likely to be burglarized at home; for once again, their focus is on the possibility of being victimized.

As you progress by removing negative thoughtforms and belief codes, you affect not only yourself, but also others around you. On a personal level, you continue walking your path in a linear form. If you were playing the role of being a victim, once you release some of the fears that created this role, you will begin to start taking steps to change your behaviors. This will include going outside the home more to take care of your needs.

As you progress step by step (linearly), you will also affect others. Eventually, muggers won’t be attracted to you as you begin to walk with more self-confidence and avoid situations likely to attract a mugger. As you progress with eliminating your victim mentality, the mugger will be affected differently if you treat him with kindness or if you fight him off. He may not change his behaviors, depending on how deeply rooted he is in his perpetrator role, but he is likely to think twice about someone who shows him compassion. There are numerous stories of how muggers have changed their behaviors because of the love shown by their target. There are varying degrees of possibilities that could occur within this one simple illustration. However, we do not want to lose the importance of the message.

Spiritual progress is not linear; the energy patterns go out in all directions throughout the universe. The reason we broach this subject is to help you understand more fully that whatever you choose has an affect on all. The primary aim of the Mayan Messages is for you to uplift yourself. In doing so, you uplift everyone else, as well. This occurs not just with the vibrational patterns on Earth, but also in the unseen Dimensions because we are all interrelated. Yet it is even deeper than that when you understand we are all a whole of the Source, in a hologramic way.

A hologram is the complete wholeness of the original subject. It is not static, but changes when any part of the whole changes. For example, if you were watching a person in a hologramic field, you would be able to see all facets of the Being. When a person experiences an event that changes his energetic field, you would see this change immediately affect the person’s entire hologramic field. Some can see these fields and attest to this. There are scientists working at the quantum level who note when a change is made to one particle of a substance, it affects the rest of the substance instantaneously, no matter how far the distance. This phenomenon occurs whether the stimulation is done on a physical or mental level. This may be difficult for you to understand if the concept is new to you. There are many fascinating books and movies about the science of quantum physics that can help you more fully understand these concepts.

When one person has a thought, it is an energetic field that floats away from him. Like attracts like, so this thoughtform continues floating until it finds a similar thoughtform. Higher frequency forms, such as love and gratitude, simply pass through dense masses while lower frequencies collide with each other. Their Essence is sticky, which allows them to glop to each other. When a person begins to change his thoughts, words, actions and emotions to those of higher frequencies, he not only affects himself, but everyone else’s hologramic image. This is why it is important to become aware of what you are doing and thinking.

You can choose to be in a bad mood or become a victim or perpetrator, however, when you do, you affect all other living forms that support your free will choice. You draw onto yourself those willing to play the role that you selected. Know that this drama is very base in the earthly realm; it was designed to operate in this manner. The higher frequency Realms operate differently, mainly because these lower density roles of victim and perpetrator cannot exist or be supported. Again, it is like being on two different radio frequencies, no communication exists when the frequencies are different. In your Realm, like attracts like and whatever you do or choose to experience will be supported by those playing similar and supporting roles. In order to break out of this lower frequency role, you must begin to choose lighter vibrational habits and belief codes. When doing so, you affect the hologram of all others in your Realm.

You may have heard the term “collective consciousness.” This refers to a proportionally small amount of people who affect the rules or vibrational patterns of the whole when they work together to build higher frequencies on Earth. Currently on Earth, each conscious Lightworker represents a vast number of people who are operating on lower levels. As Lightworkers work together globally, their ability to make positive changes increases dramatically. Thus begins movement towards a tipping point in which the energy frequencies increase and the whole planet moves a notch higher vibrationally. The results of this are measurable and scientists are reporting that the heartbeat of the Earth is rapidly increasing in frequency. There is a great awakening in progress that affects all life forms on Earth. As Lightworkers become more empowered and increase their love vibration, it affects the hologram of all others. As a result, more people begin to open up and make positive changes in their lives.

What slows the process is fear. Those deeply enmeshed in glops of negative energy must be cleared. Many times the glops have to be disentangled, one layer at a time. When a person understands how these glops are formed, he is better able to untangle the thoughtforms and belief codes that he created. As each layer is peeled away, the thoughtforms can be released with love and gratitude for the blessings and lessons they provide. When done in such a manner, the energy field of the negative energy is changed to positive, moving them into higher frequencies. Can you see how important this work is? If each of you came to the understanding that your acts of unkindness and fear created these glops and understood how to undo the damage and to stop creating more of this energy, how much different life on Earth would be!

As each one of you changes your behaviors from low energies to higher frequencies, you affect the whole. Your individual progress affects the progress of all. Please take time to ponder these words and do additional research if you need verification on how this basic system works. You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Learn to understand the power of your thoughts, words, actions, emotions and belief codes and use them to create your Garden of Eden on Earth!

Selamet! Etznab 2


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