Monumental BIRTHING, Taking Our POWER Back

By Anastacia

Blue Beyond — Monumental BIRTHING/GIFTED, taking our POWER Back — Reading for HUmanity — 31st October 2016
When one is going through a re-birth into a very new grid for a very New Earth — there is a ‘gestation’ or ‘waiting’ period.

For some this can be a very busy time of upgrading and clearing/adjusting and for some intensely in the physical…for others it feels like nothing is going on and it is a ‘waiting’ game.

Either way, utilise this time to know you are going through something so very new and magnificent and monumental.

I have been part of my close spiritual families new Re-Births individually recently and their new ‘placement’ in the New Earth Grid and also many souls who have had 1:1 Divine Healings as well.

The New Earth energies ARE HERE and NOW…and now it is up to us to take responsibility for ourselves and to claim and step into our own POWER, no matter what situation we are in, we CAN do this.

Picture a white horse, where are you with this? Are you hanging off the side, are you standing next to this white horse (which is your place of power). See yourself get back up on the/your horse and feel the EMPOWERMENT of doing so. This may seem like a ‘small’ visualisation to do and if you do this, it is an amazing and very powerful/EMPOWERING feeling, as this does very much ‘work’ in doing this and seeing this and FEELING this. As attested to by the many many souls who have done this.

There are many ways that we can ‘help’ ourselves during these energies and some I have shared in a previous Blue Beyond post, the Wagon Wheel to bring ones energy back in, the Clock Removal Method to remove negative energies/entities and the God dome of protection. These are just a few that when one utilises regularly, helps to EMPOWER oneself with all that is going on.

Please enjoy your reading of the Divine as only two cards came today as they are ‘enough’ for where we are at right now. Remember to FEEL deeply as one reads these to take these and the messages they bring, into one’s Soul and Spirit.

When we are in the process of creating something new in our life, we are actually calling on our Divine Force, and mastering our gift as creators, to bring something new into this world. Trust yourself in all that you are doing at this moment. Your instinct and intuition will guide you. The goals, projects, or ideas you are working on are important in the cosmic plan. There are many higher energies working with you, and through you, to help you complete what you are working towards.
 Remember though, the process of giving birth involves going through labour. You may be feeling a lot of pressure at the moment. But discomfort during labour is natural. Don’t give in, or lose hope because of it. You are doing the right thing. Don’t let small disappointments or upsets lead you to thinking you are not on the right track. You are. Pain is just a natural part of labour.
 You may also be feeling the urge to push, even though it is not time to. Do not allow your impatience to get the best of you. Allow everything in its own time and trust the process. You do not want to start things our prematurely. Completing the gestation period is vital. So be mindful not to rush. Gestation always happens before the labour begins.
 The birthing card also comes to those who are symbolically giving birth to the higher aspects of their selves. Usually, this period involves its own set of growing pains, as you learn to move out of old ways of being, and outdated limiting beliefs. Trust that the challenges you are facing at this time are essential to this process. You are evolving, growing and changing into a more truthful version of you. Stay strong — you are nearly there.

This card is a reminder that you are most certainly talented, gifted, and skilled in a very special way. It’s time to stop looking outside and comparing yourself to others. Your gifts were never intended to function or work exactly the same as another person’s gift. By looking at how others are ‘more’ gifted, or ‘better than you’, you are unintentionally sending energy out to the Universe which says you are ‘less’ than. This action is the very thing that is blocking your gifts from developing to their fullest potential. You cannot compare yourself to anyone else. If you see greatness in someone else, it is because you hold the quality of greatness within you. That is how the world Mirrors ourselves for us, by seeing ourselves in others.
 This card can also come if you are experiencing fear or apprehension about sharing your gifts with the world. Underlying this fear and beliefs and doubts about whether you are enough, or good enough. And Spirit is asking your to start addressing those beliefs immediately. Sometimes our fear of sharing our gift is the very thing that blocks us from discovering how we can best use it in service to others.
 In either case, the Gifted card comes because you are doubting yourself; questioning who you are as a person or whether you have anything of value to give. Your unique gifts are very needed here on the planet. Spirit is asking that you place your doubts aside and start to cultivate self-worth and personal value. You were given certain gifts, because only you can bring them to the world in the way you do. Trust your soul’s wisdom in choosing the path you are on, and the gifts you are here to give — Return of Spirit Cheryl Lee Harnish.

Remember, when we are bringing something to the world, we need to come from within and many of the Divine 1:1 healings are for those who have a very strong ‘calling’ to help HUmanity and Gaia, who are needing guidance and healing in so many forms. A teacher’s teacher is what I was told many years ago, guiding and teaching Humanity, in linking our Soul to our Spirit and through our emotions…and so much more.

Of Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty, no judgement whatsoever as there is no place for ego in 5D and beyond…a safe space and place to table and share from one who respects all you are. As we walk side by side, hand in hand of the Divine, separately yet together.

Remember: ‘We are not without power in any given moment’.

Much Love and Divine Blessings
Ascension Guide/Teacher
Multi-Dimensional Ancient Earth Master

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