Mother Mary ~ Connection and Grounding with Mother Earth is Important

The connection with Earth is important. Everybody needs to be grounded so that the speed is reduced and the heart has a chance to catch up with the mind, which has a habit of flittering off. It usually does not work out well if the heart is not that which leads with its ancient wisdom. Take one step at a time dear children on Earth and enter often into your heart to get it confirmed that you are on the right path. Ask for help and you will receive. It will come to you in one way or another. Do not worry. Everything that is done with good intentions will work well and you will get the help you need along the way. The body is clearing out much now and many are tired, but it will feel much better afterwards. Some of the ailments you have will disappear and you will receive a higher energy. Eventually all ailments will disappear depending on how much and how strong blockages you have