New Moon in Gemini ~ Warrior Women Rising

By Alison Dhuanna, 06/03/2016

The New Moon in Gemini on the 5th June is very powerful and will trigger events where the Warrior Woman within is challenged to stand in her power. The New Moon is in an exact conjunction to Venus and so these harmonious frequencies are urging us to realign with our inner truth as the world chaos accelerates. The break down of the structures holding the political world order together would be greatly accelerated by a yes vote in the EU election in Britain which is a possibility. Vesta is the Priestess or Medicine woman and is also conjunct the New Moon. Vesta is the part of us that uses focussed intention, prayer and ceremony to restore balance and to connect to the New Earth Energy Grid. In order to access this we have to find places of stillness within our lives. When we bring this consciousness of blissful space and appreciation to the Earth’s Core we are co-creating this new reality. The pressure on those people still trapped in the ‘productivity’ paradigm will continue to intensify until the need to connect to the silence beyond is heard. Vesta in this position helps us to do that. Globally women and men are gathering in circles like the Sisterhood of the Rose in Lemurian times holding the balance of forces and keeping the heart of love open in the collective.

From the beginning of 2016 the karmic nodes have been very active and this New Moon is in a challenging square to South Node (Karmic past), Chiron, Neptune and Pallas Athena in Pisces. Pallas Athena in Pisces uses her brain and her heart to solve problems in the world. She is the Bodhisattva Warrior Woman of the zodiac and she may use art, music and writing as powerful communication tools to change consciousness and unify all sentient beings. I recently had my Pallas Athena return which coincided with completing a Planetary Sound Gong Apprenticeship and music is a very Pisces/Neptune way to transmit the new energies we are integrating. For the past year we have been healing deep seated ancestral wounds and also retrieving soul parts from other life times activating gifts from our lineage to bring into the present now. The fractal lines to the Golden Ages of our history on this planet are open for all who want them. It’s like Cosmic Christmas at the moment when we stop picking at the wounded self and refocus on what we can offer the community or collective. This is the way of Chiron the Wounded Healer. The South Node is in Sextile to Pluto so there are opportunities for big breakthroughs right now.

The North Node is conjunct Astraea Goddess of the Sacred Arts and the Golden Age, Jupiter planet of expansion and Hygeia Goddess of Healing through Dreams and Sleep. Recently I came across an older archetype of Hygeia called Nanshe from Sumeria. Enhedhuanna the High Priestess, in her poems discovered under the deserts of Iraq dating 6000 BC, talks of how the gifts of dream divination were lost when she Enhedhuanna is cast out of the Temple by a male official. Here we have recorded the first impact of the patriarchy’s destruction of the Goddess religion and the impact on her intuitive gifts. I’m feeling in myself a strong wave of psychic power returning and I hope this is true for others too. The astrology certainly suggests that this is a time to recover these gifts and be able to expand into our new karmic destiny as a result.

Ceres the Mother Goddess and Uranus are conjunct in Aries and in a square to Pluto. Ceres in Aries has fiery motivation to come into a place of deep nurturing and appreciation of self so that she can strengthen her body and mind to meet the challenges ahead where we are being asked to step into positions of leadership and power to reclaim the Divine Feminine. This aspect is excellent for breaking addiction patterns to toxic substances or people. We can never truly break an addiction without bringing love and acceptance to the parts of ourselves engaged in these activities wholeheartedly. Many of us have used addiction to numb the pain of being in the sometimes harsh energies of the world so it has become ingrained habit and very hard to let go of. I speak from experience!

The New Moon ascendant is aligned to the Pleiades so we can expect a flow of cosmic help for all who need it in this next challenging cycle and with Mars opposite aligned with Algol this suggests as well this is a big opportunity for change. Algol is the Dark Goddess Stellar frequency so this too suggests it time to love and dance with our shadows. Which parts of yourself do you hide from others and are you in some way ashamed of these parts? Are you ready to let people see who you really are with all your human struggles?

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