New Moon in Libra, October 19th, 2017 ~ Reawakening Our Galactic Consciousness

At this passage of our ascension journey, we find ourselves finally embodying and recognizing our galactic nature, eons ago dimmed by many manipulative beings and their desire to make us fall into the illusion that we are powerless humans governed by outer forces. It is at this phase of our ascension journey — where we are still navigating through the 4D portal to our new 5D dimensional space — that the releasement of all the attachments that still impede us to fully embody our 5D essence, is essential to expand within higher horizons. It is precisely during this passage, where one must only focus on the inside, instead of allowing outer distractions to manipulate us. At this unique time, we will have a macro major alignment which will open a stargate for us to embody its healing codes and star wisdom.