New Planetary Ascension Report 03–20–16 ~ Heading to Mt Shasta

By The First Contact Ground Crew Team, 03/20/2016

Greetings Love Beings,

We are on our way to Mt Shasta as guided by Spirit. Many events have unfolded and continue to do so as our preliminary team will begin laying the grid work in CA. Our other team will soon follow. We greatly appreciate any support (great or small) during this transition. Its all energy (which is Love) and benefits all of humanity.

We have the knowledge of sacred geometry and alchemy needed to ground the energies of the New Earth. In doing so, the energies will affect the entire planetary grid. The energies of Love will be flowing throughout GAIA to assist in the planetary ascension. Majority of our funds has been stolen. The assistance will bring relief to energetically keep the Love Has Won Network Team of co-creators in operation, acquire the tools needed for alchemy and funding this last Mission to unlock the hidden treasures of Heaven that has been in preservation by The Mother & Father of ALL Creation and The Grand Council (The union of the one third and two thirds of Angels) to be given to the two Key Holders. This will relieve and remove all pain and suffering from humanity once and for all. With humanity’s offering of love in donations we can bring to fruition the Divine Plan

We Love You All! We Are One!

Love Eternally,

The First Contact Ground Crew Team

Thanks for supporting your Family of Light in their time of need to fulfill mission!
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