October New Moon in Libra ~ The Healing of the Heart

We are close to the New Moon, October 19, 2017, at 21:12. A moon marking a new beginning, while closing a cycle and opening another. Jupiter which entered the Scorpio and joins to Mercury is pulling out the unconscious, the fears, the resistances that we have made so far, by lightening and illuminating it. Jupiter is the Great Heart and therefore, with love, we are ready to welcome our doubts: what prevents me from having a relationship? What is it that frightens me? what prevents me from completely giving myself to the other one? What to recognize to the other person? Is my relationship authentic or am I hiding for some reason or fear? How can I deepen my relationship? How is my heart in relation to a relationship? How were my past relationships and why they did not work? What model am I applying to the report? What mirror do I have in front of me? What projections am I creating that prevent me from seeing the other but allow me to see myself? What else allows me to see the other one?


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