Pisces Full Moon, Sept 2017 ~ Spiritually Evolving

On September 6th the next Full Moon will appear at 13degrees and 53 minutes in the water zodiac sign Pisces, while we find the sun in the earth sign Virgo. This means for the human collective that we have the chance to harmonically merge the wisdom of our emotional body and the strengths of the physical body. As Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac cycle, we also can come to fulfillment and completion on some of our long-term lingering pattern. Take the opportunity to deeply ground your feelings, while connecting to the guidance of your intuition, and be ready to follow what you hear also if it does not sound logical to the mind. Ask yourself the following questions: Am I in touch with the inner voice of my soul? What does my soul truly want? How can my soul power contribute to the maintenance of life on earth?


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