Potent New Moon Magic Has Only Begun

By Marcia (aka Star Sister), 07/05/2016

Hello Beautiful,

Luna sent you a very personal invitation when she made herself new yesterday — to live the deep feminine mysteries of Cancer at a deeper and more powerful level than ever before. The intensity — and the creative potential — unfolding within and around you is just beginning.

By the weekend, both Mercury and the Sun will have aligned with the brightest star in the sky — Sirius, the fabled star of Isis. Your mind and your heart are about to be newly infused with her life-renewing magic. And each will have had a transformative encounter with the life-changing power we know as Pluto.

The coming days will be saturated with the potency of the life-giving, deeply creative, and sometimes treacherous ocean that is home to the Crab — and to Sirius. The gift that’s already on its way will emerge from your own deepest knowing, so deep that it may be a secret even to you: that you are the Cosmic Child, the mother who births and nurtures her, and everything that turns one into the other.

Wherever the second decan of Cancer — the degrees between 10 and 19 Cancer — are located in your one-of-a-kind birth chart is where this life transforming energy will be released. Here’s how it will unfold

Monday: A tender New Moon confronted the Dark One

Just hours after making herself new, Luna made an exact alignment with the star of Isis. Imprinted in its new beginning is the Cosmic Feminine magic that can bring to life what is dead within you — and then, with the resurrected masculine, conceive the Divine Child and usher in the good future through her own being. You’re wired for that too, MotherGod.

An hour later, the tiny, vulnerable New Moon seed confronted the life-changing power of Pluto. Into the fertile void of the Dark Moon, frequencies that typically manifest as fear, suspicion, or rage, energy came surging from the depths. With those frequencies came the invitation that changes everything: See where you’ve given your power to something outside yourself — and take it back.

This happened in the sky around you. And it happened in the sky within you. It was just the beginning.

Wednesday: The Messenger aligns with the Heart

As you read these words, you’re approaching a turning point in your own understanding of what is happening in your life — and our world. Tomorrow night, in a still-tender and open lunar energy field, the Messenger will conjunct the Sun. A whole phase of understanding is coming to an end. And a new one is about to begin — in one of the most powerful degrees in the sky. The earliest Western astrologers regarded 15 degrees Cancer as the degree in which the World came into being. It’s the Ascendant of the ancient thema mundi, the chart of the world.

The Messenger’s cycles are short. He picks up so much information he has to realign with the heart more frequently than any other energy within or around you. The current phase of information and understanding began back in May, on a day that was in no way ordinary:

  • Jupiter was bringing his 4-month retrograde to a close.
  • Mars, Saturn, and Pluto were all re-thinking your way of taking action, of manifesting reality, and of using your power to change it.
  • Saturn was squaring both Jupiter and Neptune, unraveling old patterns at every turn.

Two months ago, the unraveling of an old reality was reaching critical mass. Now it’s two months later. Mars has ended his retrograde. The Mutable Grand Cross that’s split your life open has broken up. And a Cancer New Moon is seeding a new beginning in your relationship with the Feminine Mysteries. It’s time for Mercury — and for you — to shift gears.

That shift happens in the degree that the first Western astrologers identified as the one on which the World rode into being.

Thursday:Take back the power of your heart & your mind

This is going to be one powerful day. Within 12 hours, both your mind and your heart will confront the ways you’ve given power away as both Mercury and the Sun oppose Pluto. These are the third and fourth oppositions to Pluto in less than a week, and they’re likely to be the most intense of all. Remember: Nothing is happening to you. Everything is happening for you.

Between these two intensity points, Venus squares Uranus, signaling her readiness — and yours — to make quantum breakthroughs in how and why and what you love. I can’t think of better preparation for this than reading the poem Star Sister Circle member Carey Jung wrote this morning and shared on our secret Facebook page,”What they didn’t tell you about Persephone’s first, first trip to the Underworld” — so I’ve included it below. Read it on the way to your own breakthrough, which has already started. (If you want to contact Carey, you can reach out to her via her Facebook page.)

Friday: Shift up

Breakthrough and blessing are in the air. Venus, the Love magnet, trines Chiron, the cosmic integrator whose healing gifts are multidimensional. Mercury creates new opportunity for blessing, grace, and abundance, via a sextile with Jupiter. The two largest bodies in our solar system — the Sun and Jupiter — forge breakthroughs for manifesting and for breakthrough, as our Star forms a little-noted, through extremely creative, connection known as a biquintile with Saturn, as Jupiter does the same with Uranus.

Monday: Break new,feminine ground

One week from today, on July 11, the New Moon seed will be ready to break ground into your life. Luna reaches her First Quarter Phase in Libra. Venus — who’s still in the Underworld, changing into the embodiment of her Wisdom Phase — will be calling the shots from the last, critical degree of Libra. There with her in that 29-degree space between realities will be the goddess asteroid Psyche. She’s the part of you that carries the miracle frequencies that are activated when you follow the call of your heart’s deepest, truest love.

In the Deep Time, Psyche was understood to be the first human woman to realize her divine essence. Her path was uniquely feminine. It was not the masculine path of heroes and their doing. Psyche did not possess great knowledge, skill, or courage. What she had was the capacity to follow her heart’s truth — even when it led her beyond what she knew how to do or to be. That capacity changed the Universe. You have it too. Do you feel it waking up within you?

When Luna reaches her First Quarter Phase, it’s time to take action that brings the New Moon seed to the surface of your life. The action can be big and visible, or small and private. That’s not what makes it significant. What’s important is that it brings a new energy into your 3D reality.

Journeying through the Feminine Mysteries: some travel tips

What’s happening within and around you are mysteries of water. This week’s sky is full of it. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in Cancer. They aren’t the only cosmic seafarers. Mars, Neptune and Chiron are journeying through the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces.

  • Water is the energy of your emotions, your imagination, and your finances. This week, enormous healing is possible for you in all of them. Your relationships, your creativity, your finances, your relationship with Spirit and with your body — they’re already flagged as miracle zones. That’s because through Thursday, Venus is forming a Grand Water Trine with Chiron and Mars — the strongest way that energy can flow in the sky. By the weekend, Mercury will move into this auspicious pattern, supporting you in understanding what will transform your life, and in communicating that with others.
  • The days ahead are definitely not the time to minimize or dismiss your emotions, intuitions, dreams, and gut feelings — no matter what they are. If you give them space to move into something else, they will. Discomfort is a signal of their potential — and yours — for deep, powerful shift. What comes up in the Cancerian realms is deeply rooted in your earliest experience and is likely to touch you in the places where you are most vulnerable — and signaling you of the potential for powerful healing. Don’t shut down. Lean through the pain, into a deeper connection with Source and a whole new reality.
  • At the heart of Cancer medicine are two fundamental activities: receiving and nurturing. No activities are more essential to creativity, and to life — and our culture of domination teaches us to belittle — and fear (always the flip side for the dominators within and around us) — them both.Take responsibility for what you’re nurturing, with your thoughts, your actions, and your words. Be aware of what you are receiving, and have received. Embrace it — or let it go.
  • Immerse yourself in the water element. Drink lots of it. Bathe in it. Shed tears. Read poetry, or write it. Paint, or photograph, what moves you. Listen to music, or make it.
  • Ground yourself in the Earth. Feel and feed your body. Let your bare feet touch the surface of the Earth as often as you can. Rest. You are shifting from one reality to another.
  • Inspire yourself with the Cosmic Fire that turns water into the healing, energizing power of steam. Move your body. Express your feelings. Create.
  • Let the power of air support you in seeing the patterns and coming unstuck. Watch the clouds move across the sky, and remember that you are as vast. Breathe as deeply as you can, all the way to your womb chakra, a fractal of the Cosmic womb.

And know, beyond a doubt, that you are woven into an infinite Cosmos, where anything is possible and nothing is too good to be true. It’s already all inside you. The entire Universe, within you and around you. You’re evolving it. And in every moment, it’s guiding you.

May it bless you in every way.

With love,

Marcia (aka Star Sister)


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