Say Hello to 2018 ~ New Year’s January Super Full Wolf Moon in Cancer

This New Year literally kicks off with an auspicious Super Full Moon in Cancer — one that comes along with a special message for the year ahead. When we look up to find that message, we see that we’re standing at a cross roads where karmic destiny is being held in our hands. It’s time to make the most of what we’ve got while gearing up for something more. There is a lot ahead as we look out into the terrain of 2018 — but now is the time to decide where we go next. The 2018 New Year Super Full Moon will be shining brightly in her most comfortable place — the watery sign of Cancer (a sign that’s very important in the big picture of 2018). She will be helping us energize our emotional fuel tanks as we embark upon these new roads. Feelings will be around for the taking — but so will our hopes and dreams for a brighter future. Many of us will be able to feel something new building. It’ll be igniting our vision and goals for 2018