Sept 2017 Pisces Full Moon ~ High Frequency Immersion into a Transformational Field

Pisces Full Moon that’s infused with the potent frequencies of the Cosmic Dreamer is waxing in this breakthrough sky. In the early hours of Wednesday — less than 24 hours after Mars changes signs and Mercury changes direction — this uber-Neptunian lunation will bring a potent wave of creative mystical download, and with it, a keen awareness of all that’s coming to an end as you cross the threshold into the New. This is a multi-day, high-frequency immersion into a transformational field. It’s a lot to process, and it’s being dialed up by intermittent geomagnetic storms now sweeping the planet. We’re passing through a fast-moving solar wind stream that’s flowing from a canyon-shaped hole in the Sun’s atmosphere and lighting up the Earth’s poles with auroras