Special Urgent Solstice Prayer For Our Inevitable Divine Destinies

Thank You For Our Super Powers At Maximum Potential. Only Pure Of Heart May Enter These Energies. Let Go And Be Free. Thank You ‘angels For I Am Fulfilling My Divine Destiny, My Contract with Love The Very Reason For My Existence On This Planet At This Time I AM Extremely Grateful For It All, Thank You For The Abundance Over Flowing into All Aspects Of My Life From All Directions I am Open And Available And Ready To Receive Thank You For The Miracles Which Produce High States Of Joy, Thank You For The Magical Sync Events Which Also Produce High States Of Joy, Thank You For Our New Earth Human Body’s Of Balanced Harmonics And Wholeness Of Being; Thank You For the Ships DE-cloaking and Replicators. Thank You for the Return of the Planet to Mother Earth, to give to All the Givers on the Planet! This is the Destiny! Our Destinies!


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