Spring Equinox Message ~ Massive Timeline Shifts Ahead!

By Anarchistbanjo, 03/19/2016

Congratulations! We have made it to the March equinox and the 2nd wave of ascension is gathering momentum with each soul that joins!

Since my last post there has been so much happening, desperate astral battles and lastly the destruction of alternate timelines not in harmony with the new energies. Now things have changed. Now the energies are stronger and the harmonics are clarifying as clusters and groups of individual souls stabilize energies at certain levels of vibration. As I write this the vibrational frequencies of the 2nd wavers are harmonizing with the vibrational frequencies of the 1st wavers and this is creating a tsunami of love and light that will literally propel Gaia and every thing upon her into her new position.

This past month has seen the ending of timelines and dreams as unrealistic beliefs have struggled to comprehend a changing demographic and a changing world view. From this moment on what remains is given the power and force to grow and blossom as never before. This happens as the energies reverse direction at the equinox.

As those of the 2nd wave graduate and ascend don’t think that the work is over! What has happened is that an immense block of humanity and other species has energetically locked together in a giant wave that will propel Gaia across several critical timelines to the finish line! This is the end show; the finale of the ascension production and it will be amazing!

We have shifted timelines before and created timelines where there was no global mass destruction or world war! Now we are shifting timelines to where there is no global mass extinction of species and life forms on Gaia! We are shifting timelines where the ecosystem can become strong and life can flourish in a pristine new world. We are heading for the Garden of Eden! Gaia has waited for us as long as she can and now she must ascend or all will be lost. The circle of life has reached a critical point and this must be resolved and resolved now.

Shifting timelines is chaotic and it threatens one’s sanity at times. But we have all been down that road before. We have even done harder things! Now we have the collective energy and will of both the 1st wavers and 2nd wavers to do this effortlessly! It is time for the Gods and Goddesses that we are to create as we were always destined to create!

Notice the great resiliency of others as old ways and old beliefs are broken. People will take the hits and come back even more strongly, but this time in harmony with the energies. I can only point out how many times it has taken a smack on my head to get my attention and tell me I’m going the wrong way! As we confront our deepest fears and find they are only illusions and projections our courage and strength will continue to grow. Once we see that what we have feared has come to pass and it really isn’t so bad after all!

Notice how people begin to solidify around a single course of action where once there was chaos. That joining together is the proof of what we are just beginning to witness! The summer solstice will be the first unveiling of this collective agreement. Watch for it!

bright blessings


Channelled by : Anarchistbanjo


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Originally published at www.lovehaswon.org.