Super High Frequency Light Consciousness Activates for All

By Lisa Brown, 04/09/2016

Okay beautiful Light Family,

We’ve had StarGate Dials of the magnitude like I’ve never heard before. These are HUGE.

Usually, we have a few, or one… one dial, dials down to a timeline that’s just a little bit “off”, for us to tweak it a little bit… a few dials usually means its a lot more “off”, for it encompasses more “Cosmic Points”, more StarGates have been activated to synchronize and tune as one… so more challenges to move through/clear BEFORE we activate the higher frequency bandwidths of more NEW Earth Realities to MATERIALIZE in our physical.

Understanding StarGate Hops is KEY, for these can present many challenges if we do not understand HOW to maneuver through them. This is DEFINITELY A MASTERY TOOL that we REMEMBER as we activate our own HUman StarGate with our Crystalline LightBody here…..

Today, we had like 33 dials, one right after the other, continually, meaning we are about to do LOTS of StarGate aligning here! These spanned wayyyy out, across a multitude of galaxies… WE are linking up the hugest galactic gridwork ever thus far!

IF there is anything that has to be dealt with, it will become visible for you to see. It’s up to you to re-align your reality and CHOOSE THE TIMELINE you desire to exist in.

StarGates have different “sequences” of how they work. Sometimes there’s a huge blast of LOVE light, hearts of NEW Earth Light BEings are all activated to open way up, subtle and silent cellular cleansings (tears) occur to easily, gently release old programs through the activation of PURE DIVINE ESSENCE SOURCE LOVE….

Sometimes we have a solar flare/gamma blast that triggers anything that has to be activated faster/stronger to get it out of our physical body and “cause us” to move the energy in our reality a different direction/way….

We never know until we HEAR/FEEL/EXPERIENCE the light frequency activation occur (some won’t feel anything other than something going on in their physical body, or unresolved/hidden emotions/thoughts surfacing)… this always catches the unconscious human aspect off guard. For the embodied & present higher self/core/SOURCE-self-Light BEing it’s just “another day at the office”, a process that we honor…

Everyone does experience these, the difference is one’s ability to navigate/maneuver the “hops” or “landings” in-between StargGate Activations, which are continually occurring daily now. Tvhe more separation held within, the more separation of time, so it takes longer from activation to integration/unification for embodiment to occur.

After anything that has to go has been released, (if anything at all), then Super High Frequency Light Consciousness activates for all to open completely up. Gamma blasts & lasers through programs, charging/obliterating/shaking up particles, while cosmic solar waves weave light and lull many to sleep to awaken further to come to exist beyond the veils of amnesia and old matrix unconsciousness. Gravity may go, sleepies may rolls in or one may just feel portals abound opening up and their heart/mind/body opening further and even more total beautiful magnificent bountiful pristine peace and love of the UNIFIED FIELD of NEW Earth Gridwork connecting up will occur. Always at a higher frequency than we were able to achieve before….. This is a very palpable shift that one can feel, if they are truly tuned-in….

So, very quiet frequencies, very soft… as we “prepare” to see what this magnificent and magical day brings forth for us all!

Now, you need not “do” anything, other than what the moment presents. BE present, be OPEN, pay attention…. SEE and FEEL with the purity that you ARE inside… and recognize any human’ness, any limits, any challenges, any old illusory programs/stories… and YOU dictate what you allow and DO in your own physical reality world.

Number 1 is to make sure you are CONNECTED from INSIDE at all times… do not disconnect or shut down. Recognize if your heart closes and “limited human mind” begins, if you go small, if you put up protection mechanisms, move to fear or lack mentality in anything…..

YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE, you ARE Source Light, you ARE unlimited…. WHEN YOU REMEMBER THIS….

I love you guys!!! I’ll post activations as I hear/experience them to share with all who are ready to embrace and jump too!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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