Surrender to the Love in the Heart and the Grander the Change

You have much help from the light and all the galactics that exist around your Earth. They protect Earth from incursions and provide a shield against the most serious threats so that nothing more can be destroyed on Gaia. However, raising your vibrations you will have to do yourselves. This you do by seeking in your heart and letting your heart’s light vibrate together with the light that shines on Earth today. This is when you find your trust and the work that you are meant to carry out on Earth. These are important things dear children on Earth. Love is the highest and the best that is changing your world today. In love there is no judgment, no blame, no frustration, no fear as love is simply just love and rests in the trust in itself. Love can change a whole world and the more that surrender to the love in their heart the larger the change. It is you who are changing this surface on Earth with the help of love in your hearts and your trust in Mother/Father God.