The Basic Truth ~ Love

Posted by SpirityLibrary, 03/11/2016

By Tony Samara

In essence when you go to a level of understanding, everything is universal and on some level very, very similar even though the outside may seem different. This touches upon the basic truth, which is love. My driving force was always, what is the meaning behind everything, what is the real depth behind everything?

Asking such a question started me searching for the truth. I didn’t know that the truth meant going into spiritual traditions that were different from one another. It was a basic question and that question led me to very wise people, very interesting cultures, from Tibetan Buddhism to Zen Buddhism and then to Shamanism, but basically I did not identify with anything, I identified with the search for the answers to….‘What is the meaning behind everything? What is the depth behind dogmas and behind ideas, what is the real behind all that?’

Today, people see differences, rather than the concept of love, which is the union, and the similarities that makes us all one. And I feel that in essence whether it be Zen or Shamanism or the Muslim religion or the Christian religion or the Jewish religion, if we come back to the wisdom, that is basically what love is about and that is an experience, rather than an intellectual understanding. It’s an experience that hopefully every human being has the capacity to feel. I believe every human being has that potential but we just forget, due to many, many interesting circumstances.

Can we make sense of the illusion, which we think is real? I don’t think so. In the end, I think it’s about finding our truth and, once we recognize that truth, it’s so easy to see when someone is far removed from that truth and so we have a discerning capability that sets aside what I call time wasting pursuits, whether they be intellectual, political, scientific and we come back to something that is of real value.

We all share this real value. We love the earth and we want to protect the earth. We love human beings and when human beings are creative and inspired by divine intelligence, we love the outcome of such.

I feel this is the value that is neglected in today’s world because people are caught up in other things and other things seem to be highlighted as more valuable — in the media and in the discussions that we hear about on the radio, on TV, in the newspapers. In the majority of media forms it’s not so much about real value; it’s more about differences and conflict rather than cooperation and a sense of coming together and helping one another to find the truth in everything, not just as a spiritual tradition but also in science, in medicine, in art. I feel that is to do with a cultural shift that we have to seriously look at now.

Shifting our belief system from one of an individual based, ego driven, ‘let’s get as much for ourselves’ perception, to one of ‘what can we give?’ How can we give and share more and add more value to what is already there rather than take out of that value and just keep it for ourselves.

I don’t believe that the presidents running today actually want to do this. Maybe because they don’t know, because the people that are the average person that lives in the US, or anywhere in the world, not just in the US, has been made to think in a very specific way and has forgotten the way that I call the path of the heart — coming back to real value. And most of us just don’t know what real value is unless we are in a situation that makes us look at it in a black and white way. ‘This is really important, I can just drop all pretenses and I can just focus on what is truthful for me’.

Most people waste too much time. That’s what I feel is the problem, the inertia we’re facing. We’re hoping and we’re waiting for the president or some other person to resolve things but in the end it is humanity as a whole that can create that transformation. We can’t wait for someone outside to do it and if we don’t do it as a culture, as a group of people, then the president just reflects our belief systems.”

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