The Elders ~ Revenge and Karma

Posted by newsununity, 04/16/2016

By Shellie L Robinson

I bring you a message from the Elders of Earth. The Elders came to me as a collective of energies making up the elders of Earth which consisted of 13 species/tribes whom co-created Earth together. The Elders are helping and assisting humanity in their spiritual evolution and bring the energies of Compassion, Forgiveness and Healing relating to Karma. These healing ray energies are FREE universal energies and available for all to take advantage of. Many of the collective energies humans perceive us as are what you have referred to as Goddess/Gods, Deities, Arch Angels and Angels. Humanity has manifested these energies forming a collective of energies in helping them spiritually evolve for their own needs and purposes. They appear and manifest before you as this because this is what humans choose them to be in their minds. Material form is energy, energy manifests through thought, thought is energy and whatever you choose to think and put your focus to will manifest.

We speak to you today about REVENGE and your KARMA. Both of which IS ENERGY. Revenge will cause you nothing but more of the same in-return. You are energy, everything is energy. We cannot repeat this enough and we will continue to until it is imprinted in your minds. Intentions create your thoughts, thoughts are energy and your thoughts and intentions will materialize. What you put out in thoughts and intentions WILL GROW and this energy WILL COME BACK to you three times stronger. This is magnetism and you are made up of energy and attract what you put out as energy. This is why healing your heart, being nonjudgmental of others, compassion and forgiveness is key to creating and attracting all POSITIVE things you want in life. Learn about energy and magnetism and you will begin to learn the process of energy manipulation.

A struggle for power of energy is rampant in the world. All of you can feel when your energy is taken and you are used to the actions of taking it back by inflicting stronger emotional energy in return. DO NOT ENGAGE IN THIS STRUGGLE FOR ENERGY BETWEEN EACH OTHER, YOU WILL ONLY ATTRACT MORE OF THE SAME. All life, things and people are manipulated by the energy one puts out and pulls in around them by the people, spirits and environment around them. Energy knows no good or bad; it is you that judges and makes things good or bad. It is you that makes things for or against things, is you which is creating and attracting all things around you. If you want your life to change, learn to understand how energy and magnetism works then you will learn how to avoid chaotic unstable people, things, situations and experiences. In turn you will learn how to create and attract positive happy realities, environments, people, situations and experiences.

Even though i say to you everything is energy there are still many parts of your humanness and life you do not know and are still discovering. Many things are to be merged during this time. DO NOT forget about the Elaher/Elohim spirit within you; THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF EXISTENCE. This is your link to your higher=self, one with the source and all things life. Here is where you are guided to all answers. Your intuition is where you will find your soul path, your Dharma and where you will find all truths. Use this to guide, use this to find the answers to your prayers and questions and use this to heal your energies. The Emerald Light Ray, the highest form of unconditional love energy in the cosmos is healing the earth and all things within it.

This Emerald Light Ray now pouring into your atmosphere is entering earth in mass amounts as fluidal energy, the MOST HIGH ENERGY and one with the Elaher/Elohim Spirit. You are in the process of merging many things; your mind, body and soul are merging your energy fields by your Seven Chakras combined with the Seven Light Rays. This gives you access to this fluidal emerald energy. The emerald ray of energy emitting to you through the Cosmos, through the SUN and into your being assists you in healing, unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness for all things. That is why it is considered the MOST HIGH ENERGY and them home of Elaher/Elohim Spirits, the spiritual hierarchy. Use this energy for healing yourself and others and you will unlock the unlimited realms of possibilities and realities. You have all the power you need within you.

Shellie L Robinson Teacher of the Rising Sun AND the Seven Light Rays High Priestess of Ra in The Order of Melchizedek Universal Family of Oneness The Earth Council of Galactic Federations


Commentary from The First Contact Ground Crew 5dSpiritual Healing Team:

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