The Energies of January 2018 ~ A New Cycle of Conscious Evolution & Galactic Initiation

This New Year of 2018 is going to be ruled by an 11/2 Universal Frequency. This is meant to awaken the masses, to master the ones who are ready to take this step and to help us retrieve the Divine Wisdom that resides within us and begin anew by unplugging from the 3D consciousness, something that more and more souls are choosing to do, daily. For the ascending souls, 11 is a sign of our achieved self-mastery, although this inner work never ceases, as well as the deep work we are doing of polarity integration. For number 1 possesses a masculine energy, while 2, the sum of both numbers, has a feminine essence, something that is showing us the need for us all to finally embrace both poles, as equals. 2018 is a year in which, the presence of chaos versus harmony, will be emphasized on the Planet. Ours is the choice to keep choosing unity among the chaos