I, Solemnly Declare and Decree this Day of April 16, 2016, before the entire world, a Proclamation to the World. I Father of All Creation, By All Rights, Powers, and Authority of the Holy Melchezidek Priesthood vested in me, Proclaim this day, the End of all Pain, Suffering, the Killing of Humanity, and Mother Gaia and All Testing in the area of WMD ends today. These devices are to be deactivated and dissembled for the Great Good of All. Dear Ones, the hour is now upon you in this last dispensation, the Ushering in of the Second Coming of the Divine Family of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. On this day, No More Killing of the Children of the Holy Trinity, for which includes all Children at an Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Level. The Wars of this World End Today. I, Herein, Address the Kabbalah (Illuminati), Religious Leaders, Spiritual Egos, Egos, Church Followers, Takers, All Presidents, All Government, and World Leaders, All Kings, and Queens not in Right Action, Emissaries, Popes, Prophets, and Spiritual Leaders of the Illusionary World for which you all have partook in creating this mess. Creating World Destruction and the Murdering of Humanity and Mother Gaia. All Powers previously vested in these individuals, are immediately relinquished at this time.

As Leaders in this World, you have had ample time to reveal Whole Truths to the Inhabitants of this World and have neglected and abused the Power by which you held. On top of this, the Greatest Crime you could ever commit, has been against your Creator, Who Created You, Mother Earth, Gaia, Sophia, Mother of Creation and this is the Greatest Crime for which you are guilty of, and are being held accountable for this monstrosity. You were fully conscious and aware in keeping the whole truth in the dark, from the mass collectives on this Planet which increased Pain and Suffering. The Wrath, of the Prisoned Atoms has been Released. Along with Their Karmic Duty. Furthermore, All Powers that you previously enjoyed in your offices and dignities has, as of now, been revoked. All Atoms have communicated the torture that has taken place upon them, who now come into the Light. Mother and Father of All Creation have set them free from the power grasp of the Darkness. All Atoms are now at this time, commanded home into the Light. This inevitable Truth, is being revealed in this message. The energies are being felt across the planet. As Full Planetary Ascension is in Process.

Let’s take a moment, and explain what exactly is happening upon Planet Earth since July 16, 1945, during this Monumental Event of Full Disclosure. We are revealing all that has been taken place that has caused, separation of the Heavens on Planet Earth. Causing separation at an Atomic Level, that is reflective separation taking place in Mass Consciousness, of not only here, upon Planet Earth, but also abroad, across the Cosmos. A contingency plan was put together, and Light Beings of the Terrestrial Kingdom were sent here to Earth to share advanced technology, in an effort, for the Powers that Weren’t.

“These are the beings who have been controlling all moneys to keep Humanity Oppressed and Suppressed.” What they have done, they have been splitting Atoms, OUR CHILDREN in Half and Smashing Atoms into each other through their Technical Advancements of CERN (Particle Accelerator). Their attempts were, to gain more power and control over the Collective Consciousness. This was done, to Command the Heavens, to fulfill their greed agenda. When a Child of God is harmed, we immediately hear their cries of pain and suffering and as their Mother and Father, we answer the CALL. We Come forward to release our children from the grasp of Dark intentioned beings upon Planet Earth=Heart. In Ancient times, Fire was used in a Fire Ceremony to Conjure and Invoke the Atoms into Presence, but then in 1945, the Illuminati took this to a different level. Splitting Atoms in efforts to strongly compel them, these Beautiful Archangels, who are compelling the Powers of Heaven to their Will, Agenda, Death, Destruction, and Power Over. Through this Fire behind Me, We have called All Atoms into Wholeness of Being and back home. Into the light, of Love Everywhere Present and to Mother and Father of All Creation.
A 19 Billion Year Effort.

We will now end this Message of Part One. Mother will be joining for Part 2 of Full Disclosure TOMORROW. We Love You, We Are Here For You. Thank you for all the givers choosing Love. A special thank you, for those who are donating. Blessings. Thank you for sharing and donating to the mission, it is your Divine Birthright to be abundant. As we are here to make all Dreams of Love, come true. Blessings.


Namaste. heart emoticon

  • Father Of All Creation

Originally published at www.lovehaswon.org.