You Are Not Here to Change The Behaviour or Life of Anyone

By Nicky Hamid, 06/23/2016

You are not here to change the behaviour or life of anyone else. 
You are here to discover (rediscover) the brilliance of you. Your own Radiant Beauty. 
In that discovery of the Shine of your Being it changes how you see everything in your world. It changes what you are wherever you stand and walk. And in that contentedness and joy of the experience of you being You everything is touched and “sees” it. 
And thus you show a way for others to move in that same direction. And every human being has a soul cry for that place. Thus you change everything. 
Be courageous. Dare to be Loving and joyful of everything about You and thus wherever you walk.
I So Love You.
This is HUGE in these times of SHIFT. 
And the family feuding will stop when we no longer define ourselves and our identity by the old archetypes of eg. of parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, etc, etc. From the unconditional place of 5D they are not your children whom you are “responsible” to and for. 
They are all Divine Beings of Light and Love who are on their own sovereign journey. Your identity cannot be defined by them nor can you allow them to require you to behave to fit into their beliefs of who you should be.
If you were just to be happy and totally unafraid of how anyone else sees you what a beautiful gift you can be to anyone.
For example, imagine what children would feel if they came home most often to see their parent or parents totally happy and engaged in doing what they loved doing.


Commentary from The First Contact Ground Crew 5dSpiritual Healing Team:

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