If all my desires I could keep,

Perhaps my restless soul would sleep.

If only my dreams were not so steep,

Then maybe I could make the leap.

Though reality has sold me cheap,

I stubbornly refuse to weep.

My sorrows into the sea I sweep,

My past I cast into the deep.



Oh I wonder why I wander, towards the dark and thunder…

Why I travel yonder, all but torn asunder….

Over the hills and far way, over the sea and beyond the stars…

My insanity is held at bay, behind a mask of many scars…

Many are my dreams surrounding, many are my demons haunting…

The world I see though quite astounding, is an illusion always taunting….

I wish to ignite Pandora’s flame, let chaos reign beyond reality’s bind

I wish to escape infinity’s game, to free the fragments of my mind…



Lovers dance upon thin ice,

Passion burning through,

A kiss to seductively entice

A story exciting and true

They journey through the cold and dark

Entwined in each other’s embrace,

Unscathed and shielded by their shared spark

They transcend both time and space



The mists of time will help me not,

My mind seems lost in every thought.

Truth be told I am divided,

Which path to take I’m undecided.

Old comforts once were warm now burn,

My heart and mind both take their turn.

There cannot be one without the other,

Lost and lonely becomes the lover.

When light cannot be found within,

Darkness greets you with a grin.

I smile back to my old friend,

Let darkness guide me to the end.



Lonely is the girl not missed,

Wondering why she is not kissed.

Under the shadows of the night,

Led by the stars and Moon’s dim light.

What she seeks may never be found.

Love lures each woman with a different sound.

Though Lady Luck will rarely sing,

Time and again she will find her king.

For lonely is the man who wanders,

In search of the reason he often ponders.

The gears on the clock are ever turning,

Within us all is a fire burning.

To know, to see, to feel, and taste,

The dreams of man an eternal chase.

Lonely is the Moon at night,

For the Sun is alway beyond her sight.



Many seek reason in the game of life,

Though all it seems to cause is strife.

How may order reign when chaos follows,

Out of the darkness from ancient hollows.

Reason cannot prevail in madness,

Meaning cannot be found in sadness.

Answers are found in wiser choices,

More questions await fearful voices



Home is where we go to sleep,

Away from where our worries seep,

Before our wander leads too deep,

To where our shadows softly creep,

In memories locked inside the keep,

Within our minds may we never weep,

And across the stars forever leap,

Finding dreams to add to our heap,

In a world we’ve sold where lives are cheap,

Before time seeks our souls to reap



My purpose now is to create,

A life that leads to a peaceful fate.

Love and truth begins my quest,

To free this heart within my chest,

I let go of all that chains my mind,

Of walls that keep my true self blind.

The flame within my soul burns bright,

The will to live, the strength to fight,

With every new day again we rise,

Another choice to be foolish or wise



Waking from my dreams I feel

My way through darkness quite surreal

I remember times from past gone by

Curious to find the reason why.

I swiftly move to seize the day

So I may dance along the way

To find the answers that I seek

I must listen as well as speak.

As the sun rises against the night

Love carries me closer towards the light