Now that America is Ameri ‘chka, here’s what to expect:

Americhka (put ‘chka on any noun, it becomes diminutive), here’s what Mr. Putin has directed Trump to do: 
1) dis China. Trump has said “we don’t need China,” and has made a point of antagonizing China whenever possible. So that particular Putin Directive is up and running.
2) dis the CIA. Putin blames the CIA whenever he wants to destabilize a European neighbor (Ukraine, Georgia), and he has many more on his list (Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, and any of the ‘stans that he decides he doesn’t care for). So it’s imperative that Putin’s American puppet have bad relations with the CIA — so that his propaganda will go unchallenged by Trump. Trump, predictably, has already made a point of ignoring the CIA’s intel, whenever possible.
3) Putin’s Puppet must ignore the USA intelligence community. So when agencies find evidence of Putin meddling, they will be ignored. Trump has already made ignoring intelligence briefings a part of his routine, saying “I’m smart, I don’t need them.”
4) Putin’s Puppet must ignore NATO. So when Putin descends on ex-Soviet Bloc nations that want closer ties with Europe, America will dishonor its treaties and ignore Putin’s actions. Trump has already stated he’s not interested in NATO, but will evaluate events on a nation-by-nation basis.
5) Ignore and anger the Neo-Cons. Neo-Cons are the traditional conservative elements in the Republican party who, among other things, warn against Russian meddling, and believe that such problems are indeed America’s business. You might remember, back in 2008, when John McCain began to melt down in the final days of his campaign, he would wander the debate stage, “Watch Ukraine, watch Georgia,” and warned loudly about the threat of Russian meddling. In one of Sarah Palin’s few lucid moments, she warned accurately about Putin’s Ukraine invasion. Those bygone days seem quaint by today’s standards.
6) Cede Syria to Putin. In the early days of the Trump administration, he’ll change our foreign policy to ignore Putin and Assad’s butchery in Syria.