Math: The Election’s Over. Can We Please Move On?
Bill Frischling

The author’s clearly not kept up on his international politics, specifically, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Colombian President’s tragedy of counting his chickens before they were hatched. It happened earlier this month, and all the polls in Colombia predicted that the long-in-coming Peace Agreement with the FARC rebels was a go. This is a matter of huge importance, not only to Colombia, but to the region. All the publicity was positive, the outlook seemed sunny all the way.

So much so, that the Yes voters stayed home. That’s right. Compare that embarrassing outcome to all the folks reading the Hillary’s-a-shoe-in reports, who aren’t going to make it to the polls because they’re not so crazy about her anyway. Let everyone else leave work early to vote for her. I don’t wanna. That’s what happened in Columbia. The peace was lost, and a treaty years in the making lost at the polls, because the tide for a Yes Vote seemed so unbeatable, that an overwhelming number of eligible voters stayed at home.

The same could happen for Hillary. Like the Colombian “giveaway” peace treaty with the FARC rebels, many voters feel much ambivalence about Hillary, even as they possess vague plans to march themselves in and poke the chad for a very tepid “Yes.”

And if such voters see enough jump-the-gun prognostications like this article, they might just as soon stay home, order Chinese, and watch the action on CNN. Oh wait.

President Trump, anyone?