I Won $104 Million for Blowing the Whistle on My Company—But Somehow I Was the Only One Who Went to…
As Told to MEL

This is the most thorough yet very readable story I’ve read on this type of topic. It’s fast-paced and informative, and ends with a line that should be quoted often in many contexts: “ . . . widespread change only happens when someone from the inside speaks up and tells the truth.” That fact is true in politics, finance, war, and all manner of social change. Additionally, I’d like to comment on the individuals who made negative comments: One “chazz novit,” like most “trust no one”-types. likes to write about Hitler and the evils of government and how Japan-style social security is a Ponzi scheme. His beef with Mr. Birkenfeld appears to be that men like Birkenfeld could actually help “the system” work, whereas anti-government-types abhor any notion that the system could ever work. The other negative comment, the fellow that suggested Birkenfeld should be imprisoned for life, has no profile at all, is recommended by “chazz novit,” and is probably chazz novit in another name. Another guy posted on Birkenfeld’s article as part of a Hillary-bashing spam campaign. I point all this out because I think it’s a shame that Mr. Birkenfeld should suffer the derision of the “government is evil” people simply because he went to great sacrifice to do things the right way, rather than just complain and blame “the system.”

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