This Morning . . . Hillary Said Something Profound. No, Really.

In response to the Oklahoma police shooting of Terence Clutcher, caught on video with his hands clearly in the air, and gunned down by a cop in cold blood, Hillary opened her mouth and spoke with clarity and guts. I’m not making this up. She made her comment “directly to white people,” speaking with the courage of a politician who knows that these words might actually cost her something. This is a fairly big deal, because Democrat Presidential candidates count on blacks to show up at the polls every fourth November and vote Democrat, presumably because Republicans would just as soon wipe their feet with civil rights legislation. And this year, especially, all people of color have a genuine, cast-in-stone arch-enemy at the top of the GOP ticket. This means that Hillary could do just as she has all year, mail in a lame and tepid response to the latest injustice appearing in the news. But, for at least one thin minute, The Anointed One woke from her slumber and said something important, with grace and courage, I might add. Now. . . . how do we keep her awake? It’s like one of those really bad movies where the passengers on a sinking ship finally locate the captain, and there she is, passed out drunk.