Who is with Me!!!

Ever wonder why you have so many similar interest as your friend on face book or instagram? Your friends, pics and likes are very similar to one another. In fact doesn’t seem like that of the flocks of bird s you see flying? Have you ever seen a duck flying in formation with geese? Or crows hanging out with blue birds? Probably not it is not the social connection desired, these types of individuals or birds do not want or have the same connections that they have amongst each other. These birds or individuals want to share the same social structure and dynamics of the network at hand. Factors that attribute is the same likes, tastes, maybe even competitive that attract one to another. Sometimes it pertains to the psychological need to be part of something or a group. This gives ones self dynamic a boost a sense of belonging.

The concept of what I have been talking about is that of homophily, the need to belong or hang out with the same type of person that you are. It’s a very simple concept, I used Facebook and Instagram as examples. We tend to belong to groups or like certain pics, because we to enjoy that same social circle. I also touched base on that of maybe even being competitive as a social circle ensues even though it is through social media, there tends to be an alpha amongst the group or that one person who has a deeper need than most in that group. There are many benefits with regards to homophily and social media, it can make one have a stronger mind set or sense of belonging. In the real world they might lack. The concept again can be very positive if used correctly and people have a genuine care for one another, this builds self confidence and this source being that of social media is easier to achieve within this platform vs. actual face to face.

As I conclude there are certain platform algorithms that help achieve these types of groups that support homophily. They are certain types of software that help us achieve these groups in the social media areas. For instance I like to Jeep in my of time and like to watch videos of Jeeps climbing and playing. On my Instagram page in my search, what keeps coming up? Jeeps, Jeeps, Jeeps this is my own personal experience with those types of algorithms. Next thing you know I am part of a Jeep group because certain algorithms help me be part of this community giving a sense of homophily.


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