The current Administration’s (continued) failure to lead

The President’s tweets over the last day on health care

The President seems to fundamentally lack an understanding of both leadership, and more importantly: politics. The later may be easier for me to break down, but in short: Partisan politics has always played a role in any legislative agenda; in fact, the reason we have two separate legislative houses is to ensure the minority opinion has a voice. Though power struggles and rule changes have altered what one may constitute as the “minority house,” our Legislative Branch was founded on the principle that our people’s would need to come together in order to form a compromised, rule-for-all (lest, the States enact legislation that the Federal government has not). In regards to Health Care, Trump wants to distance himself from the failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare), which is both foolish — because, he cannot distance himself from a campaign promise he made. The Republicans kicked and screamed and bitched for 7 years about ObamaCare (its just sounds good, doesn’t it?) and when push came to shove, they could not get together a plan that made sense for even their own party. WHY? Now, on the lack of leadership in the White House.

The Administration continues to hold blinders up to viewpoints that are not 100% aligned with the Commander in Chief. Our President started his stint at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue by coining the term, “alternative facts” and “Fake News” to describe the altered reality he views the Oval from. More so, the ego of the White House seems to reject any naysayers or opinions that share a leg to mainstream news outlets, forcing Congress to dance around articles of impeachment, smiling, hoping the 2018 midterms will not sway their control by just enough to give Nancy Pelosi the comeback story of her career. And boy, the Republicans will be stewing should the tide turn blue.

Where the Administration’s leadership ultimately fails is with the notion that Congress should allow for the Affordable Care Act to fail. This is not leadership — this is a blatant disregard for the American people, guided under the premise that the millions of people who are now covered by insurance are causing harm to large insurance corporations. Frankly, this is not a business move, this is a health move. There are flaws with the Affordable Care Act, and still, our country is no where near the excellence of care that our European Allies afford their citizens. That said, hoping an institution of our government will fail, so that one’s political party can potentially re-write a law they cannot even legally repeal (at the moment) is negligence and blind stupidity.

Our President should stick to putting on the green, he does not seem to have the stamina or conscious to play table tennis politics.