Western Philosophy Caused Alternative Facts
Riley Haas

Interesting ideas so far, not read it all yet, but one thought occurred to me. Correct me if you think I’m wrong, but what you appear to say is that a state of freedom for the individual created by political and social endeavour is not really possible, for the many anyway. In other words the idea that we as a society can be truly free by political means is a false premise. However, maybe freedom can only ever be a personal experience based upon how one responds to the immediate environment/situation one is in. Or at least that’s the most you can expect/hope for. In other words freedom does not just come from a set of rules governing behaviour, but is a state of mind able to respond to any given situation in such ways that repression is less likely to either occur or last very long if it does occur! Where there’s a will there’s a way, so to speak! But obviously some sort of supportive non totalitarian political environment is necessary/essential, however, one cannot expect freedom to be delivered externally. Philosophically speaking, freedom is only ever going to be a subjective experience based upon the individuals mental conditioning.

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