Stop feeling guilty about your morning routine.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Great read, a refreshing reminder and prompt that its okay ……

I got so worked up and uptight recently, like you say you can read all of this stuff about being a morning kinda guy starting your day at who knows what time having that tight routine: gym, commute, read/prep for day, work and then once you’ve finished work hey you’re trying to work on other projects you’ll hope will make it … perhaps you’ll burn out, forget how much coffee you’ve had, how much else you’ve exceeded above & beyond just so you can keep pushing forwards.

After all that, its refreshing to remind yourself that its okay when things don’t go as well as you’d hoped or is it ….. Sure, I’m working towards my future hopes and plans …. Figuring out that vision but Seriously, I have come to like to take some time out, be me and to enjoy the many other things in life.

Here I am in the Library, a final year university student … I better finish off some coursework and do that thesis.


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