Keep applying yourself

It happened recently, after the many events, lack of work ethic, holidays and travels — My finances, exam results and self went astray.

It hit me January, having upcoming exams of which I hadn’t worked my best towards, I’d crammed for. I was so pre-occupied end of last year with everything else and my work ethic, my applying of myself was minimal … I was caught up in the hype but what was the reward. I’d exhausted my finances on this lifestyle, I wasn’t managing my income, I was spending more than I had over the holidays and travels. I’ll get to the point.

I started regularly applying my self and continue to do

When you stop applying yourself i.e. when you settle and are at peace and comfortable with the circumstances then what really can be next? What opportunity will come? You’re just drifting along, wandering. You have what’s now but have you thought about what you don’t have.

I needed some more work and meeting with the bank to sort my finances, I applied for 10+ and got that interview and offers of which I went for, I went to the bank to seek support.

Opportunity is everywhere, Seek it and Do it

After that season, It just made me realise whats the harm in always applying yourself, I mean hey opportunity is everywhere whether that’s job adverts, news feeds, posts, people consisting of work, events, volunteering … whatever it may be.

Apply for that opportunity

A singing competition came up recently to perform at a town festival, sure I had my doubts whether I’d be suitable, if it was for me, if I was what they were looking for, what songs would I do and would they be ready. All that stuff isn’t helpful, its just not and so I rejected those thoughts and applied. I’ll now be taken part in the competition in under 2 weeks.

A start-up opportunity came up and being a learning and aspiring web applications developer, I jumped on and began clocking up the hours and learning React Native.

It’s never going to be the right time

Circumstances are rarely going to be ideal and when ever would it be the right time to take action. If you’re waiting for everything to come into great alignment, it won’t happen.

I’m currently in my final year of university with my dissertation due in May along with my part-time jobs, coursework, and whatever else, it’s not ideal but then it never will be.

It even goes for this very attempt at writing on medium. If I’m waiting to publish because of the right time, the best words or structure then I just might not publish anything at all, improve my writing ability and experience all because I’ll be waiting for the right time.

I could say, well I can’t really work too many hours in my part-time jobs because its not ideal, I’ve got my uni work to do … if anything its made me realise the elasticity of time and of which I use much more effectively now.

The competition, I could say I don’t have the time to prepare for or do this, learn and prepare the songs, practice but hey it’s not ideal.

I have no idea what outcome there will be but I do know It would be foolish to not do anything about it, to not try.

To get caught up and tangled in the worry and concern of the am I ready and is this the right time … well, it’s never going to be the right time.

Seek, Apply, Do.

Thanks for reading my posts, I appreciate it. I’m always growing, developing and learning like many others and I just want to share my experience and hopefully be of some encouragement to someone, I’m thankful for this platform providing that opportunity.

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