Make Decisions, Take Action, and Lead.

Yeah you could say I’m not the best at making decisions, taking actions, or even leading. I overthink things, I ponder, a lot of things just race around in my mind, what should I do? why did I just do that? I should have done that or shouldn’t have. I was waiting around, I wasn’t deciding, I wasn’t leading, I felt bad. Perhaps it was that you didn’t get to see someone or do something, or you made a mistake, a bad decision but its not that at all, you done what you wanted and regardless of how you felt the world still goes on and so do you.

You often have to delve into and investigate though, why are you feeling bad and overthinking such things be it decisions, actions, or leadership? I think often we’ll say stuff like “I’m just a nice person”, or “I care too much about what other people think”, “I’m sensitive”, or “I’m quite happy for someone else to just take the lead and to make decisions”.

I get caught up as before in the most smallest of things be it decisions that are my right to make, actions that I can take, and lead where I should lead. The truth is once I investigate, it’s because of the reasons above. I like to be a nice person, I do care about what other people think, and yes I am sensitive and often I’ll put other peoples thoughts before mine. I could say really sometimes I wait for other people to make decisions before I do, and sometimes I wait for other people to take action before I do.

I wait for other people to make decisions before I do, I wait for other people to take action before I do.

That’s something I’ve got to get comfortable with avoiding. Its easy to fall into a group where people are so in-sync and in-tune where decisions aren’t made or they are made by the more alpha, and the more dominant.

Unfortunately waiting on others to make decisions, or to take action, being a nice guy, or sensitive, or caring too much about what others think are just a few of the things that will get you walked over, trodden on and pushed down to the ground in life.

If you want to achieve, to go further, to go beyond expectation, to do more, be more, live more, there’s no time for being Mr. Nice Guy or waiting around for decisions or actions. I’m not saying you have to be a dick about it, or even a ridiculously stubborn individual, you shouldn’t isolate yourself either but you do have to be firm, you have to be assertive. In the end it will not matter and you’ll wonder about all the times you waited around, you pondered, yet again to ponder some more.

I know you’re probably thinking “this is all very well and these are just words and Action speaks louder than words!” therefore let the words now become actions.

Its your right to live your life the way you want to, therefore go ahead, call the shots, make the decisions, take action, and lead.

My affirmation

I will not wait for other people to make decisions before I do, I will not wait for other people to take action before I do. I will make decisions, I will take action, and I will lead.

Thanks for reading!

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