A religion that takes me there
Jonas Ellison

Thanks, I can really relate to this!

From where I stand, God is an experience. An experience that rises us above the depths of our torturous egoic minds into a state of grace and heightened awareness of this thing called Life. Or something like that.

Onwards from discovering Christianity near 22 after seeing the experience it did for a friend, the transformation and shift, this guy was living before, now he’s truly living. I chose to embark, explore and discover and I even now almost 3 years in, I’m thankful and I’m pleased to have this faith lifestyle, to be in community of higher thinking having that God experience.

Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or Atheist: they all speak of ‘something bigger than themselves’ when they speak of the Divine (even if they don’t call it ‘God’).

But what do you notice immediately; your perspective of life goes from an earthly view to that of above and beyond, that of God experience. I can remember clearly before my finding of faith how narrow my perspective was in comparison to now of life, opportunity, people and being.

Having faith and hope, higher thinking, a God experience, what a lifestyle.

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