Aerial view of 9/11 Memorial

Swift Summer

June — August

Most of my apps were the result of having a great ass. Not to be cheeky, but sitting down to focus is a pain in the… well, you know. The difference is where and when you decide to sit. My choice to sit at hackathons was like going to the gym, except less sweaty. Hackathons are brainstorm sessions, typically over a weekend.

Hackathons are an ideal place to start for anyone thinking about tech jobs. Hack NY was my first, at my university. During the hackathon, I sat down to watch tutorial videos on how to make a Flappy Bird clone. Up until 4am, my app was finally submitted to the app store.

4 World Trade Center

My current job is a hackathon. Leaning towards engineers, my skill has grown in six months at Genome. During my first visit, the team was conducting it’s own hackathon. Giancarlo, one of the engineers, was waving at his laptop’s screen. Onscreen, a robotic hand played music.

This seemed like science fiction, except it was reality. He said it was his first time playing with virtual reality. On a small team, we rely on designers, engineers and managers to deliver. My home became dev island, the island of desks in the middle of the office.

Virtual reality was an overnight hit over this summer, thanks to Pokemon Go, a game that drew stampedes in Central Park.

Meanwhile, my agency let me try out their Hololens, a virtual reality headset. The Hololens is a fun toy, which maps out room objects to impose virtual games.

For instance, you can place a map of the solar system in your room. Starting with Earth, planets can be picked up and inspected. Unlike digital screens, it allows full immersion. Any wall can be used for your eyes only. This was the only downside, as it limits the unique perspective to one person.

While the potential for virtual reality is rising, it will never substitute certain physical activities, like exercise. Cycling to work every day, my legs prepared themselves for their longest ride yet in the fall.