The WLU/Lindsay Shepherd controversy was never about free speech
Aadita Chaudhury

Well since you, like those three “progressive feminists”, have no qualms of “mansplaining” and abusing a woman (because according to your bunch speech is violence yes?) to the point of bringing her to tears (maybe this is also a case of rape?) at least we know who else along with those three is a totalitarian misogynist.

A proper response would warrant an essay given the amount of lies, misrepresentations, nonsense and reach, but to get this straight, you are saying that we must excuse third degree interrogation by a gang of merciless social justice fascists with an agenda to bastardize the minds and souls of students who devote themselves so totally to them and blame Lindsey Sheppard for having the clairvoyance to record the meeting (she knew what goes on in those meetings cause it happened before) for her own protection?

You are asking we disbelieve our ears and eyes as to what has been happening because of some twisted ideology that puts the color of someone’s skin or the type of genitals they carry over the quality, validity, sanity and utility of their ideas? Are you advocating sexism and racism Aadita?

Do you extend this to the workplace? Will you criticize any woman who records a man sexually abusing her in the work place because of an NDA? Do you advise I disregard a woman shows me her cell phone video of a gangster raping her in her home because the gangster didn’t give consent to the recording making it illegal? Are you sure you want us to victimblame Aadita? Again, at least now we know who else along with those three is a totalitarian misogynist, don’t we Aadita?!

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