An NFT to Fight for Justice

Today, August 15, 2022, would have been my father’s 99th birthday. He passed away the day after I got out of the only extended hospitalization of my life, for salmonella poisoning, in late 2020. I miss him every day, but remember him most specially on Father’s Day, holidays and on his birthday.

But there’s another milestone today beside my father’s birthday I wanted to share: today is the fourth anniversary of the filing of my $224.7 million lawsuit against AT&T for their negligence in allowing contractors to be openly bribed, giving direct access to an organized criminal gang of hackers who penetrated the phone company ranks.

In my case, the bribes were given to AT&T contractor Jahmil Smith to turn over control of mobile phone (and hence my digital identity) on January 7, 2018, allowing the criminals to effectively “become me” and take over emails, messaging services and hundreds of other applications, resulting in a path for them to get into an otherwise highly secure web wallet and quickly move $24.7 million in altcoins.

Today, I am also launching an additional effort in my arsenal of tools to fight for justice: the first-ever NFT campaign by a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit.

Enter the SIM Dogs.

Rare SIM Dog Prosecutor series is limited to 100 hand-designed NFTs by famed pop artist Andre Miripolsky

I had the idea for doing an NFT to raise awareness and funds for my increasing legal expenses (over $3 million and counting), but in a way that it’s not a fundraiser per se, but a digital asset sale (with substantial airdrops, including analog rewards) offered to the entire community. I commissioned the very talented Andre Miropolsky (of Absolute Vodka billboard fame and so much more) and his team to bring my vision of the SIM Dogs to life — and you can see some of their initial work here.

The response I’ve gotten in the stealth preview phase has been overwhelming and highly positive. We previewed the collection last Tuesday thanks to the kind invitation by’s Kyle Armour to showcase it for NFTuesdays in front of about 75 collectors and enthusiasts (kudos to Crystal Rose for hosting this event at her wonderful NFT gallery, Lighthouse, in Old San Juan). Tonight, I will speak to a larger audience at Crypto Mondays San Juan at the Monastery in Old San Juan at 7 pm (see post below). And the pre-mint will go live at (you can also follow our progress on Twitter at @simdogsxyz and, of course, at @michaelterpin.

What’s a “pre-mint”? It lets you secure your spot for the minting of four sets of the SIM Dogs NFTs, all of which will have special features, which I will go over in the days to come. They will range from 10,000 Activists (portrayed by a poodle) and 1,000 Detectives (chihuahuas, of course) to nine super-rare original pieces of commissioned art by Miripolsky, which the buyer can help co-create (portrayed by the Supreme Court bulldogs). First up, will be a limited series of 100 unique Prosecutors (German shepherds), which each have a Bored Apes inspired level of copyright ownership. The “analog” airdrops include conference passes and even sponsorships to any CoinAgenda, plus much more. The first mint will be on September 22 (after the Ethereum merge, or so we are told) of the Prosecutors.

This is one of the most ambitious projects I’ve taken on since the creation of CoinAgenda itself (in 2014) and I am excited to share it with all of you first.

Stay tuned…



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Michael Terpin

Michael Terpin

CEO, Transform Group (leading blockchain PR/advisory firm w 100+ ICO/STOs), CoinAgenda, TokenMatch, BitAngels; partner, Alphabit Fund; founded Marketwire.