Main net launch came online on 21 March, 2017 (19:00 UTC) just as planned.

Just to give you an overview of Ark network since Main Net launch from a small perspective (December 2016 to December 2017). Listing every single achievement, success, or person that has poured blood, sweat, and tears into this platform on one post would be impossible. But I will include a few links for you to click, to satisfy any interest.

On March 22nd, just a day after main net launch, ARK listing on, price of the ARK token was $0.032 cents, ending the day at $0.04 cent!

March 23, $0.03 cents to $0.077 cent range

March 24, open at $0.058 cents with a high of $0.067 cents

By march 25th it stayed within the $0.09 range with total volume nearing $900,000.

Ending the month of march in the $0.05 to $0.065 cent range with an estimated total volume of 3.5 million dollars!

Wow! What a feeling it must be knowing you have an open source platform, accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a smartphone, worth 3 Million Dollars, sailing around the world, within a month!!

ARK price slowly began itching its way up to over $1.00 the first week of June 2017

Ever so while hearing about other cryptocurrencies having an ICO and producing a fancy whitepaper, making a small presence on the internet, opening a few chat outlets to talk about all of their planned expectations. Most of which failed or were never planned to be of such, ending as exit scams.

Ark offered for several weeks an opportunity to give back, to whomever participated in their TEC that weren’t satisfied. How many ICO’s have you ever heard of doing that before??

Shortly after launch, Ark gave 4 others and myself the grand opportunity of creating the ACF, known as the Ark Community Fund. This funding, opened the door for anyone to submit proposals to the ACF board for review. Once your proposal was approved, the ACF would fund your idea in stages until the project was complete, in which you would receive your final ARK tokens agreed upon. If you have any idea for of an addition to ark, that you feel would be helpful to the Ark Ecosystem. Please feel free to visit

By August Ark was hard at work releasing an update on their wallet, redefining their block explorer, and even adding an ark network statistical page called while achieving another milestone, over 5000 slack members. With their presence slowly gaining more users on reddit Which currently has over 21,000 subscribers. They have even expanded their presence online by opening an alternative chat for the ARK community. An official ARK discord channel available at

With Ark, slowly gaining attention online. Their twitter handle shows constant updates, news, and info.

Ѧ Nascar team is a family affair

With TriStar Motorsports, owners of the ARK #72 NASCAR, sponsored by their very own Travis Walker! Check out the clip, by clicking here

Nascar and a crypto asset. Who would have ever thought of that??

Tickets used as admission to an event or establishment such as an amusement park, concert, movie, bus, airline, and train tickets will soon be irrelevant to non-existent once Distributed Ledger Technologists like ourselves are able to offer a much better all in one solution with smartphones and QR codes

One addition to Ark, being digital management system

With the end of August approaching, and developers working hard through their GitHub accounts, proving there-selves, fit to Ark’s high values and standards as potential hires. As always, Ark is prevalent in hiring new team members and each additional community member is welcomed with open arms to the entire Ark crew, and ecosystem as one constitution. Welcoming each and every new member with any technical or documentational help, assistance or issues with any of the software or just showing them an on ramp to cryptocurrencies is the forefront of what Ark, is all about.

August 21st — 25th was a big week for Ark, being a Diamond Sponsor of Fintech Week New York. With an initial small ark crew on hand including myself speaking with other panelists and speakers, Travis Walker gave his

rundown of what Ark is, current accomplishments, and what ark ecosystem’s plans were for the future.

With small developments along the way, ark offers the Developer Bounty Program, which you can read more about here

Giving coders and developers the opportunity to log on any time of the day and make contributions to all aspects of the project

and be paid in ARK (Ѧ) for your work!

With the release of DEVNET (Development Network), an ARK public Testnet for all hobbyists, developers, coders, and bug hunters gave the opportunity to play with test ARK, called DARK (DѦ), enabling the opportunity to create, test, and run an exact replica of the Ark network.

The coin/token used on DEVNET is called DARK (DѦ). Test tokens that can only be used on DEVNET.

Shortly after getting back from Fintech Week in New York (2017) an earlier partnership secured with French hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger announced support for Ark was live for the Ledger Nano S. Ark integration into the Ledger Hardware Wallet proved this DPOS token was certainly here to stay.

With hearing exchanges being hacked rapidly on the rise, resulting in the theft of more than $ 1 billion this year alone. Ledger provides a (physical) vehicle to store a user’s cryptocurrency offline, insuring against any cybertheft.

Ledger is certainly a technology looking to emerge, after just raising a $75 million Series B round, brought forth by Draper Esprit.

and iOS.

Beautiful and intrinsic, give users the ability interact with their Ark account, including transfer Ark tokens on-the-go.

Once again providing simplicity, a simple scan of a QR code, and a few clicks, just 8 seconds later you have just transferred Ark tokens, all recorded and verifiable on the Ark Blockchain

Full Cooperation with exchanges like

A new economy with a convenient platform built for both beginners and experienced traders offers the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency

Don’t have the ability the buy Bitcoin (). Not to worry. Ark (Ѧ) has you covered. With free to enter contest offering great opportunities to win some Ark.

With this link showing the first contest

(Contest is over with winners declared)

And another contest giving away ARK and a Ledger (Contest is over with winners declared)

1st place — ARK branded Ledger Nano S

But not to worry with supporters of the Ark network, one of them being Jarunik

Running daily, weekly, or monthly contest. Some being as easy as a simple tweet #ARK


Another contest provided by Chief Strategist at Matthew DC

The ARK “Doty” Design Contest (winners have been declared)

“I am officially announcing a contest to create an amazing poker chip design that will be forever named the (Doty)”

Mike Doty Board Member / Co-Founder

You can listen to a podcast given by Mike Doty

With odd’s stacked against them, for what some have called out as a scam, this token (if were talking about price alone) has far exceeded its expectations with the price reaching an all-time high of $8.57 on December 21st, 2017 while other exchanges showing ѦRK in the $9.00 or $10.00 range (All while hit it’s all time high of $20,000)

With Ark hosting AMA’S (Ask me anything) with many Block Chain based

cryptocurrency projects

18 SDK’s allowing the world’s developers to be comfortable in their own favorite programming language with many more integrations to come

An open source Blockchain project giving dozens of nationalities across the world an on ramp to cryptocurrencies

The World’s First SCIC in the Crypto Sphere

And, A global and inclusive community allowing anyone with just a smartphone, and an internet connection there very first gateway to Tokenizing the Economies of the World

The Ark DPOS Block Chain Project is sure to be one of the leaders, in cryptocurrencies recognized across the globe

Welcome aboard the ARK, as we prepare the world for the future of decentralization

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