Australian Author, Humanitarian & Naturalist. Counsellor to Royalty.

It is not just a lack of positivity that can hold you back in moving forward with your goals. Actually you will find that it likely comes down to some deep psychological barrier or even a neuroses of some kind.

For most people out there, the idea of taking a…

A few years ago, I experienced a multitude of fascinating encounters during one particular balmy summers day as I ventured out to the northern beaches of Mackay in tropical north Queensland. Whilst I slowly navigated the spacious tree lined streets of the beachside suburbs, I could imagine that this area…

This is the House! Do you see faces in the windows? I can assure you there was NOBODY living in that house at the time of taking the photograph!

On one particular evening in the Fall, my ‘lady-friend’ and I went to visit a young friend who was living in a large 4 storey traditional American home….well you know the sort that are the typical haunted movie ‘Amityville Horror’ type houses we have all seen in the horror movies!

Michael Thornley

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