Why Donald Trump should become the President of Antarctica

The likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who had previously proposed to deny all the Muslims entry to the US, has recently said he’ll be ready to make an exception for the newly elected mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Pakistani by origin.

Sadiq Khan who had won the election on May 5 and became the first Muslim mayor of London has claimed he won’t be able to visit USA due to his religious beliefs if Trump becomes President.
Donald probably should cut off on the political rhetoric and get down to the real issues. USA President is not only a political post; the President is the face of our country. And if this face will continue wincing, grimacing and playing the ape instead of talking some sense, this shameful behavior will deal a real blow to the US’ reputation.
You don’t have to like Obama, but tolerance, humanity and equality regardless of race, religious beliefs and political views are more than just words in our country.
Therefore, when a noveau riche with loud, yet completely hollow and stinky words enters the stage, you can’t help but ask Trump and all the Republicans: “Where do I return the ticket to this freak show? I’m so done with it”.
Do not confuse freedom of speech with the freedom of saying utter nonsense — and, mind it, that’s the candidate for the highest post in the U.S. we’re talking about! America sets an example for many different countries, so every word said in public matters for the development of other economies. Our uneasy relationship with Islamic countries should not be torn as a thin tread; the existing treads of neighborliness should be weaved together into a strong hawser.
However, after the presidential race ends, Donald should definitely set his mind on Antarctica. The massive continent — and not a single President on it! Huge territory is completely wasted. Trump could easily hold to all his promises there. Well, at least create a new currency and make it as successful as the U.S. dollar. Then he would prove to Americans that he truly deserves to become the President of the United States — by actions, not words.

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