“Trump Slams Immigrants” Josh’s article is a lie in the very title….

It was a bad choice for the title, It should have been tiny handed loser, talks shit about America.

When he said our open border was rife with gang recruitment Drumpf lied, so call him out too. Most of the gang recruitment comes after we deport people.

And he lied when he said we have open borders.

Don’t defending a lying terrorist.

Yeah they should have gone with another title, but I don’t think the author chooses the title.

But no matter what Trump says or what others say about him, it doesn’t matter, he is a traitor, and if the title was trump rapes someone while talking rape prevention, I would say good for the person who told the lie.

If lying makes Hitler look bad, then lie away.

Trumps entire campaign was based on lies, so if we have to tell lies to end his campaign, so be it.

And it doesn’t matter what he says now, We all remember when he said Mexicans are rapists. and there is no forgiving a presidential candidate for that one.

Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, until that opinion is defending Nazis,
then that opinion becomes treason.

Not that it matters anyway, Drumpf already lost the campaign.

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