Some other questions….
TX Kevin

The reason we care if Trumps boys took Russian money is because Trump has committed treason, if Clinton took Russian money who cares, she isn’t promising to give all of Europe to them like Drumpf is. comparing the two is not valid.

This is a case of a double standard, Citizens get a chance to explain themselves and prove they are not loyal to that foreign power.

Traitors don’t get the same treatment, and this is Why we criticize Drumpf for it but Not Clinton.

I don’t like Clinton, but she hasn’t promised to start WW3 like Drumpf did. so he gets treated worse.

Its like saying how dare we try to punish Hitler for being a bad leader, if we aren’t also going to Punish FDR for being a bad leader. Its dumb.

If you can’t see that Drumpf is a traitor heading to the gallows, then there is no hope for you.

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