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Whatever you say honey. I love it when you trolls pretend to be the victim of trolling. it’s cute.

You sir are so easily offended.

Me and my wife were just laughing about the fact, that something she said to you like over a month ago, was still just eating you up inside. We had been so busy playing board games with our friends lately that we forgot all about her upsetting you.

But thanks for letting me know, that a professional troll was so offended by my wife casually saying something snarky to him.

Grow a thicker skin dude. or maybe go to your safe space for a while.

But don’t worry as long as you stay on think progress harassing people, the two of us “scums” will be here to make sure you don’t enjoy it.

This is think Progress, not Think little boy who needs attention, some of us want adult conversation.

Say what you will in response, I will not be reading it, I”m off to do some very “immoral” things with my wife.

Oh and for good measure ‘poke’.