An Open Letter

You have been part of my life for a very long time. There have been many time that I’ve taken you for granted, but the older I get and the more I experience I see how steadfast and supportive you’ve truly been.
When I was at some of my lowest points, you were comforting me. On cold days you’d be close to me and keep me warm. When I was deep in financial struggles, you never judged me or made me feel like I was worth any less.
I know that it hasn’t always been perfect. Sometimes I brought my past experiences to the table and it got ugly. But you still never left me or betrayed me.
As time passes we may see less of each other — There may even be a day when we don’t ever cross paths again, but I won’t forget your support and loyalty. I won’t ever speak badly of you or think bad thoughts about you. I see your worth. You’ve loved unconditionally and selflessly. You have even touched the lives of many people that I know, and all of us are truly grateful for your warmth and kindness. You’ve been a joy to have in our lives.
You may never know my feelings or read this letter, but ramen, I hope you can somehow see my appreciation.

— Michael Ugrin

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