My Time Is Running Out

How will I direct the fire within me? What do I want to do, to be, at this moment, and the next moment before my time has run out?

As I become older, I have a prevalent feeling that my time on earth, as I know it, is running out; that I’m getting closer to the end of my life. I’m more aware of the fire within me and my longings. Thoughts and questions arise within me about why I am here, how I should be living, what I should be doing. I’ve had these feelings and thoughts for a long time, but as more years are added to my life they’ve become much more of a feeling within me.

Why am I here? What is God’s intention for me, and am I fully aware of it? Have I sufficiently searched for the objective(s) of my life — in my soul and what God has presented around me? What am I feeling that I should do and become? Am I already doing it?

Without knowing when I will die, but knowing that with each day on earth I have fewer days left: What actions and words am I expressing with those closest to me — in my personal and work lives? How am I touching them?

I will no longer have these interactions with them when my time is up. What do I want to remember, see and feel about them when I find myself close to death? Will I have regrets or will I have satisfaction and joy about how I lived with them?

And how do I hope that they will remember me? What can I give them today that they can keep with them? Maybe the best thing they can remember is how I lived our life each day, how I loved and respected them, how I had honest and heartfelt interactions with them and life.

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