Agile Is The New Waterfall

This is the most informed posts about Agile I have ever read.

This perfectly paints the Agile environments I have been part of in both small and enormous companies.

Agile neuters developers. Work is so atomised, by people so removed from engineering, that developers are delivered contextless work packets and have no scaffolding to make sensible decisions, let alone anything you might call development lead innovation.

I'm not an engineer by the way. Anyone who has sat in product management or project management meetings in an Agile system will know the insanity Agile produces. Everything is a meaningless atom, swapped, traded and squeezed to make projects look on track.

Agile as a philosophy might be fine. But what we are dealing with is the power Agile gives an organisation. Suddenly projects can be meddled with on a project plan at a very atomic level. This temptation is too powerful and will always corrupt your Agile principles.