She lost. It’s over about her.

We are all guilty. I as an individual do not support violence and do not recognize any such actions as acceptable. I do not believe that Republicans, Liberals or Democrats are “all” violent either.

Problem is, we are being played by the media sensationalizing extremists in each camp. It is our responsibility as Citizens to condemn all violence. Breaking down the community you participate in Democrat, Republicans, Green or Libertarian you must also condemn these actions. What I see happening is people are condemning other camps without calling out their own first.

Trump supporters wanting America to be Great Again are not talking about bringing back racism but restoring the “Pride of being American.” I reflect back on my childhood and realize the submissive undertones of phrases like “All American” oddly back in the 80's I would describe a White, Blonde, blue eyed, slim boy with a great smile. In the 90's it was changing and now at least for me an “All American” is not only white but fits dozens of faces, obviously. I see in my day to day routine lees than ever hatred out there.

In the media I see the opposite. 60 Minutes during the Interview with Trump. The pointed out the hatred that is being put onto minorities by Trump supporters, however what I see is Democrats and Liberals tearing down the communities, burning and looting. Why not ask the silent Obama or Hillary about that?

I have seen an image of a swastika painted in a baseball dugout and seriously doubt it was painted by a Trump supporter. If Democrats and Liberals are for peace and unity then I ask “Why the Violence?”

I have alway expressed my support of Choice, Gay rights, freedom of Speech, but understand that freedom has equality. If there is one person out there against any of those they have exactly the SAME rights and protections as you. As with any community you can accept them for who they are or not. Lift a single violent finger is a reflection of who you are, not them.

I know “We The People” have more love to give to “We The People!” The media needs to be productive and help not destructive and damaging. The pen is cutting a divide that is counterproductive to the happiness of America.

I know that I have had enough! My heart, my mind and my arms are open to help, support and find solutions.