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Originally posted on the EEGLAB Listserv.

Question: “Hi, I’m newuser of EEGLab. Please, could you give me information about to visualize through Plot Channel Data (scroll) the EEG in unipolar montage to bipolar(example, longitudinal montage). I tried to look for extensions andplugin in EEGLab without success. Thanks and regards.”

Response by Michael Villanueva: “ I had the very same question: Back In 2016 I went to my first EEGLAB workshop, and asked: “How do you rearrange the channel order so to look at the EEG in different montages?” The next 5–10 minutes of conversation with an SCCN engineer were nearly…

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Here you will discover articles written by Michael Villanueva, PhD ranging from clinical and research themes related to neurofeedback and qEEG analysis.

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