A behind-the-scenes view of how Benjamin and I build products

Because of the service it provides, Stripe didn’t start as a mobile-first company, like many other startups these days. The core business is the payments API, allowing companies to get setup to accept payments within minutes. The web dashboard makes it easy for everyone on a team to track and manage subscriptions, payments, customers, and transfers. However, it was designed for larger screens and as such, is barely usable on mobile. After shipping the latest version of Checkout, we decided to focus on developing a mobile app, starting with the iPhone.

This article is about the creation process of the…

Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon

Lake Powell

Drawing the line between the shippable and unshippable

Starting new projects has always been easy for me. Since I began programming, I’ve always been creating both to have fun and to learn. That’s how I get better. I take a lot of pleasure designing and programming the beginnings of new projects.

During prototyping, I try to make a decision of whether to continue or drop the project as soon as I can. Only a few of them ever go beyond the prototype stage and when they do, my goal is to ship them sooner rather than later.

When the project is at the usable stage and is somewhat…

Behind the scenes of Stripe Checkout

It’s easy to see how designing forms can be seen as a chore that detracts from the time that could be spent on more exciting parts. Yet, if you think about it, the payment form is part of the checkout flow, the point at which a user is on the verge of committing to trusting you and your business with their vote of confidence. This experience should really be as great as possible, and using animations correctly can really improve this experience.

The goal of animations should not solely be entertaining the user, but rather, they should be helping the…

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