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If you want to repeal Obamacare with a program that is cheaper and better service, i am all for it. But if you are talking outsourcing it, I am against it. It is never cheaper to outsource and the task is never as effective. many hands in the till and no hand knows what the other is doing. His plan promises to take half of a retiree’s Social security check to pay for it and the program will cover only 20%. I read it in disbelief. Does anyone out there really think you can take 200–500 from each social security check and it won’t effect our economy? All business rely on our money as well. A recession will be swift and devastating. And guess who stands to make millions if not billions off this outsourcing? Paul Ryan. He saw how much Cheney

Don’t YOU be fooled here.

made off of Halliburton!

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